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2017 Strike Trend: Nude Hair


As hair color options become more and more enriched every day, it becomes harder to choose a hair color suitable for our own skin and face type. If you are wondering which hair colors are trendy lately, we have great news for you. Nude trend, which is a trend that leaps from cosmetics to fashion world, also shows itself in hair colors. From noodles to lipsticks, nude that we have seen in many places, that is, naked tones, has also become a trend in hair. If you are wondering how the nude hair color will look like, what do you think about closer examination?

The main purpose of nude hair colors is to have a natural and simple targ. You may look great with nude tones that you can choose to look like your hair does not look like paint.

What is Nude Hair Color?

Nude hair trend is actually aiming to have natural hair colors. If you want to have yellow hair colors but do not want to stay artificial, you can choose these shades. If you want your hair to be as natural as ever with natural radiance and reflections, nude tones are exactly what you want.


The nude hair trend actually means creating a color that is completely compatible with your skin regeneration. The biggest example of this trend is undoubtedly Beyonce. Hair color that is compatible with ten color is considered as the beginning of nude trendin. If you want to dye your hair in yellow tones, you can choose nude shades to match both natural look and your skin.


Nude hair colors are created by combining many tonalities. You can apply to a professional beauty salon to find the best tone for your skin. Nude tones are divided into two, hot and cold. You can choose warm yellow or cold yellow tones according to your skin tone.

Although yellow hair is very popular, many people get a bad look by choosing the wrong yellow tone. You can choose nude tones that are perfectly matched to your skin instead of yellow or tired yellow tones as you are. In this way you can look both alive and beautiful. For nude hair dye you should first determine your skin tone and skin color.

Here are some great nude hair color samples you can inspire ..


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