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Abdominal skin sagging, which requires abdominal stretching surgery, usually occurs in women. Along with this, in men, excessive weight gain results in sagging and loosening due to deformation in the abdomen and muscles of the abdomen and belly. The most important factor in women is the past pregnancies. Due to the influence of genetic factors, we are also doing our nationality inquiries. The muscles are separated from each other by the tearing of the tissues between the muscles that make the abdominal anterior wall and the inner muscles inside, which makes the abdomen look straight and the muscles are separated from each other. Significant weight loss also causes the abdominal skin to loosen and sag. It is possible to get a brand new look with abdominal stretch abdominoplasty surgery if the abdomen is not only lubricated but also the muscles are opened and sagged. At the end of pregnancy with abdominal tamponade, the expanding frontal wall of the abdomen is narrowed, the abdominal muscles are relaxed and opened and the abdominal muscles are taken together with the excess fat of the dangling abdomen.

How is abdominal stretch surgery done?

Abdominal stretching may take 2-5 hours depending on the procedure. An incision is made 8-12 cm below the pubic hair, which is often hidden under the underwear and is over the pubic hairy area. Think like a little longer than the caesarean section. A second incision is made around the umbilicus to transfer the umbilicus. After the operation is finished, the incision line is covered with hidden stitches under the skin and covered with dressings. One or two tubes called drains are placed in order to take out the excess liquid to be collected in the region. During abdominal tamponade, urinary probe is usually applied for the first day. A urinary probe is drawn after the foot is raised. Immediately after the abdominal stretch operation, the person in the operating room is put on the appropriate corset.

What should be considered before abdominal surgery?

During this period your surgeon will remind you of some points that need to be followed. If you smoke, you have to stop it until two weeks before the abdominal stretch operation. You should not stay in the sun for too long. If you are using vitamin E and aspirin during this period of time, and avoid preoperative severe dietary regimens. A cold or other infection can cause the surgery to be postponed. A drawing will be made to plan the details of the operation before the abdominal stretching operation. Following this, the necessary photographs will be completed before and after the operation.

Mini Abdominal Tension

In the planning of abdominal stretching operation, the elasticity of the abdominal skin is very important factor in the degree of swelling and the degree of relaxation in abdominal wall muscles. The operations to be performed are decided by considering these factors. Sediments in the abdomen and those with less fissures can be considered as simple procedures such as mini abdominoplasty or liposuction. Classical abdominoplasty is usually performed when there is a large amount of fat accumulation in the abdominal wall and the elasticity of the abdomen is gradually decreasing. Mini abdominal stretching is only the stretching of the region under the belly button. It does not affect the waist and groin, it does not fix the belly button. It is preferred in cases where fat accumulation on the abdomen wall is moderate and is seen in the lower half of the abdomen and decreased in the elasticity of the abdomen is observed in the lower half of the abdomen.


Can I get pregnant after abdominal aesthetic?

This surgery does not prevent you from getting pregnant, nor does it cause trouble during pregnancy. But after birth, your stomach will loose some again.

When can I have abdominal stretching after birth?

The ideal time for mothers to tummy tuck is the end of the first year. During this time, both the mother gives the weight that she can give, and the level of her panties and cracks is fully revealed. Abdominal trimming operation is not a problem for later pregnancies. However, if a new pregnancy is planned very recently, it is still useful to postpone this operation. It is more accurate to consider new deformations in a new pregnancy and to leave the treatment after the second pregnancy.

When is the most accurate time for surgery in the form of weight loss postmortem deformation?

Your abdominal stretch surgery should be done at the end of the weight loss process. Thus, it is possible to see and treat the entire deformation. Sometimes, however, supporting the patient with surgery in a certain stage of the weight loss process increases adaptation to the weight loss process.


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