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Causes of Vaginal Dryness in Women


The cause of vaginal dryness, the treatment and the ways of protection, all of which have become women’s fearful dreams, are all here.

What is vaginal dryness?
Vaginal dryness is the leading cause of discomfort that affects women’s health negatively, which requires extreme care. The indications of dryness are manifested directly during sexual intercourse. The secretion of much less fluid than normal will lead to bad results in every sense. Problems due to excessive friction can leave its place to bigger problems. In the questions of sexual life, especially at the beginning, even on the road is made to walk. Disruptions will appear in all work and social settings. Failure to follow friends’ surroundings and your plans in your head results in stress, always more tension, extreme emotionality, which can lead to depression in later periods. However, environmental disruption occurs even when there is a lack of concentration.
The liquid, which resembles a pumice, is transparent, odorless and quite fluid. Bartolin and skene called vaginas on the left and right is the cloth. As a result of the healthy work of the diapers, the fluid is released freely and there are no problems. Lingerie does not even leave a trace and provides comfort in sexual intercourse. The situation ends up with totally negative results as a result of the small amount or inadequate production of the liquid by the glands.

Vaginal Dryness Symptoms
The first thing to note when setting up a vaginal foundation is that this is the first thing that comes to mind if there is excessive pain during sexual intercourse and so on. Lack of liquid will cause very painful periods

  • When menopause comes, dryness starts to show up.
  • The excess of milk-releasing hormones is also the leading cause of dryness.
  • Infection events caused by some reasons.
  • Many of the medicines that have to be used or continue to be used unconsciously cause instability.
  • Another factor is the problems arising from the internal structure of the vagina. Damage to internal structure or injury is triggering problems.
  • Too much internal decompression of the vagina can cause clogging of the glands.
  • Dryness can also be seen as a result of substances such as wicks, tampons, foreign bodies used via the vagina

Ways to Avoid Vaginal Dryness
First of all, the intervention of a doctor is necessary to determine the cause of the establishment. After this intervention, every step that affects women’s health negatively is followed. Excess hormone secretion can be overcome in a short period of time with aid such as drug treatment. If not too much hormone secretion is caused by the hormone-derived drugs are introduced. If there is a dryness due to infection-related reasons, there may be situations in which there is absolutely no need for intervention. If the result of sexual intercourse is pain and you are not feeling, you should act according to the diagnosis that your doctor puts on you, since he will know who you are. Women’s health generally has a sensitive structure at every point, vaginal dryness is not a discomfort to be underestimated.


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