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Hair Styles and Shaping Suggestions According to Hair Types


Thick-wired, curly or fine-wired hair … You can create your own hairstyle by choosing a hairstyle for your hair type, texture, and applying different styling techniques. With the help of a few tips and tricks, hair styles and hair styling methods,

Just as each unit has different skin type and color characteristics, we also have different hair texture and types. Hereditary factors are often found at the very core of the subject, such as hair type, texture and general hair health. But it does not mean that we do not have the freedom to shape our hair as we wish. You can create your own hairstyle by choosing a hairstyle for your hair type, for your tissue, and applying different styling techniques. A few tips and tricks to add to your well-known hair will suffice for this.

Our hair is invaluable and it is our duty to look after them well. With healthy hair, you can add value to your beauty and look better than ever. The most important point that you should not forget in this point is to consider the texture and density of your hair before deciding on any hair model. A bad hairstyle will make you feel unhappy, as your appearance will have the full potential of turning a miracle.

Hair Styles According to Hair Types

There are a few tips you can use to get to know your hair and roughly determine your hair type.

  • For example, if you are drying your hair in less than an hour, you probably have thin wire hair. Because otherwise you have thicker hair, drying it is much more troublesome and takes a long time.
  • Also, if you have difficulty seeing the hairline when you put it on a white sheet of paper, you probably still have thin hair. Because thick hair can easily notice the hair.

Fine Hair:

The main features of thin hair are bright, soft, lifeless and flat. Another characteristic feature of this hair type is the lack of volume. For this reason, it is beneficial for those with this type of hair to prefer shorter or medium hair models. To create a massive look, either short-haired short hair models or medium-length lobe hair styles will be a perfect haircut for these hair.

Another hint that these hair types are recommended during hair styling is also the use of large round brushes during finesse to gain volume to hair roots.


When choosing hair products, you should aim for styling foams and hair gels that will not aggravate hair but will gain some thickness.

It should not be forgotten that the long hairstyles will cause the fine structure of your fine hair to be over emphasized and look less subtle than it is. For this reason, there is a benefit to stay away.

Do not forget that you can get a more full hair look using various hair effects, ie baling, shading techniques.

If you want to use long hair, then apply balice-ombre techniques applied with layer cuts and different hair colors.

Weak and thin wire hair are known only for their negative aspects, such as their diminished posture, diminished appearance. On the other hand, fine-wired hair that is easier to shape than thick hair can be easily used with the appropriate hair cutting model

It is important to know some details, such as how to use a hair dryer or practical hair styling methods, to get fuller hair


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