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How to peeling at home?


Our skin consists of 3 layers. From these layers, the outermost Epidermis is renewed at regular intervals. This renewal of the epidermis can be seen as a complete revival of your skin. During this time, the removal of dead cells from the skin is the beginning of the natural healing process. Most of the time we will not observe this operation. Sometimes, as a result of excessive sunbathing, hand, shoulders and percent of dead skinned are thrown away.

Peeling is a process of removing dead cells from the outside without waiting for dead skin to be thrown in its own period. Your skin will look refreshed and revitalized. Instead of buying expensive peeling products in cosmetics markets, you can prepare your own natural peeling masks at home. On this page you will keep your skin away from chemical and non-natural substances and your money will remain in your pocket.

Peeling Construction:As your ideal time, apply your peeling materials before your sleep. Then gently massage your face with the tip of your fingers in a circular motion. Once this peeling process is over, you can wash your face with warm water and use a moisturizer that you use.


Pay attention to these before peeling with natural recipes;

  • If your face has acne, redness or open sores, do not peel. In this way you will also prevent your skin from getting infected.
  • If you have makeup on your skin before peeling, clean the makeup. Clean and dry your skin thoroughly to prevent dirt and blockages in the pores.
  • When applying the peeling process, take care to protect your eyes and eyes.
  • It is important to make the peeling process regular. If you do not specify how often you need to do it, be sure to repeat the process once or twice a week.
  • You will apply a peeling mask to your skin to see if it is allergic to a small area on your skin first you can wait a minute or two.



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