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Hymenoplasti (Female Hair Replacement)


It is the process of sewing the torn hymen again. It is not a mandatory procedure in terms of body health or beauty. However, from time to time in the social direction is the operation of the maiden stranding.

What is a virgin?

It is a thin piece of meat located at the entrance of the vagina. The maiden name with its Latin name Hymen is often seen as a symbol of virginity in culture.

Where is maiden maiden exactly? What does it do?

It is a semi-flexible, thin structure with the most common form located at the entrance of the virgin girdle vagina, with a small hole in the middle for the passage of menstrual blood and vaginal secretions. Anatomically and physiologically there is no known function of the hymen. Although it is not thought to be a protective function against genital system infections, it is a matter of debate how a structure with a hole in the middle will protect against infections. In fact, the reason infections are more rare in virgin ones is that these girls are not exposed to sexually transmitted diseases.

Can the maiden be structurally different?

The hymen are classified in a large number according to the shape, elasticity and the nature of the holes. Annuler (annular) is most common in maiden grieving.
In some cases, the hole in the middle of the dice is so big that the dice look almost absent. In very rare cases, there is no hole in the hand (Imperfore hymen). In this case the menstrual bleeding does not flow out from the first period and accumulates in the genital canal.
Semilunare (half-moon shape) is usually not torn during the relationship because there is not much inside thickness. But the birth is also torn.
Surgical intervention may be required because the carnous hymen is extremely difficult to tear with the relationship or because the bleeding rate is high after tearing.
The virginity can persist in the form of postnatal residues.

Do you know when he tears?

Within 7 to 10 days the membrane rupture can be detected. But if it has been longer than that, it is not possible to predict what the dice are torn.

Can the torn membrane recover and close again?

The torn dice never heal like an old one.

Is it possible to plant your hymen?


Repair of the hymen is possible. As long as the tearless parts are not lost, it is possible to repair the tears when the tear is torn. If a large number of people have been found to have sexual intercourse and have delivered a large number of births, it is not possible to find anchovy remnants and therefore can not be repaired.

Is it understood by the person entering the relationship that the hymen is planted?

It is incomprehensible by the opposite party where the hymen is planted. However, specialist doctors can understand this.

How is a maiden brigade repaired? How much will it take?

The patient may wish to undergo surgery under general anesthesia because the psychological dimension is a severe procedure. But it is a 30 minute operation which can be performed with local anesthesia.

When can the daily life be changed? What should be considered after surgery?

After the procedure, the patient can continue to normal life after a little rest. It would be appropriate to use the pad for only 2 days. Shower can be taken on the same day. Careful handling of the operating area and cleaning of the toilet is sufficient.

Can a repaired maiden once be sewn again if necessary?

If the female parts of the hornet are in place, repairs can be done again.

How long ago should a stallion be planted?

The time for repair is decided during your masturbation examination. This may be 2 days before, 2 months before.


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