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What is labioplasty?

Labioplasty is the name given to this aesthetic surgical procedure to correct the sag due to trauma of congenital or multiple births on the inner lips of the female genital organ (labium minus).

Inner lip sagging

Labioplasty surgery may also reveal what is happening. But many young girls and women are troublesome, even though the application is very simple, but it is a gentle attempt. After the young girls see the menstruation, they begin to suffer from the genital tract, which has never had any complaints. The majority of the genital area complain of itching, constant urination and pain due to infections caused by imbalances in the natural bacteria structure. But when I started to practice this profession, I saw that the aesthetic problems of the region could lead to similar strains. For example, the inner lips of the genitalia (labia minor) can be structurally asymmetric, large and drooping. What can you call off the area. But not at all. When the underwear touches parts that should not normally touch, itching and irritation are occurring. It is trying to hide this view with special swimsuit during summer season. And of course there is psychological dimension. People with this condition do not even want to see their genital organs. This psychological situation leads to intermarriage. With labioplasty surgery, also called internal lip aesthetics, women can get rid of these complaints. This is definitely not an illness, it is just an uncomfortable abnormal structure. It is the most common operation among all sexual aesthetic (genital aesthetic) operations.

The size on the inner lips may not bother anyone. That does not mean that anyone will not bother. He may even become obsessed with some sensitive moods, those who are very busy with him. The discomfort may increase so much that the woman may become cold from herself, from her wife, from sexual life, or from life itself. Sexual coldness, orgasmic difficulties, unmarriage can occur alongside the situation. There may even be people who move away from social life because of not wearing swimsuits, bikinis, tight pants. Even if we do not come to this dimension, there is not a disturbing notion of large internal lips that will require labioplasty surgery. After all, everyone wants to feel beautiful and attractive. This feeling is more in women. There’s no point in being in an unseen place. The most important thing is that the person feels self-conscious, beautiful and attractive. Internal lip sagging surgery is the solution to these problems.

Labioplasty surgery is required:

1- The small lips are too big
It is usually a structural condition that small lips are too large to be covered with large lips. So it is related to the genetic structure. The reason is very common in our society. We are transferring this situation from generation to generation. I do not know why. I do not know that we have become a migratory society or that we have been mutilated over time due to irritation and over-ride. But as I said, we have a lot. Besides this visual distress of the genital area, frequent irritation due to the fact that the small lips are often out, and the associated infections cause patients to apply for labioplasty surgery. In fact, most children are aware of this situation. They suffer from the fact that their clothes will be obvious, and sometimes they do not want to go to the sea. I know the women who have to wear tight underwear in the wake. They are sick of getting caught in many diseases of the genital tract.

2- Sagging of small lips

Younger people who gain weight frequently and sagging on inner lips may develop in weakly looking ladies due to tissue loss as they age. This situation is uncomfortable in terms of genital visualization. Especially in brunette ladies, this dangling labium part gets a very dark color. This further increases the visual distress. Labioplasty becomes a condition. Sometimes postpartum injuries, accidental tears, and other traumas can cause small lips to appear sagging.

3- Size difference between small lips

The difference in size between the lips is a common problem. Already in most people the individuals are not the same size. But sometimes the difference in size can make people uncomfortable. If there is a sagging hilarity, the problem becomes very irritating to the problem of infection. Birth and weight gain make this situation even more obvious. Occasionally, internal lips may become larger, wider, more curved, and more amorphous as a result of tumors or previous infections.

Who is the size and sagging of internal genitalia?

  • It can be completely genetic. This is mostly the case. Accidents, trauma, birth tears can also be seen as a result.
  • It’s more frequent in weaker people. Because the outer lips of the vulva are not very full of weak people. As a result, the inner lips become more visible and can force the woman to undergo labioplasty surgery.
  • Serious amounts of losing weight in ladies, as well as everywhere in the genital area may sag. For overweight, our skin grows as a surface due to the expansion of oils because it is flexible. Over time this can lead to reduced skin elasticity. When you lose weight, the skin that has lost its flexibility becomes wrinkled and saggy.
  • A weakening of the genital region in women with a high number of normal births may also be helpful. Also traumas and cuts created in this area during birth can disrupt the structure of the small dud.

How is labioplasty done?


1- It can be done within 30 minutes by local anesthesia. However, general anesthesia can be applied to sensitive people, ie those who can not feel comfortable with local anesthesia. In this case, the labioplasty operation must be done in the hospital until the morning after the surgery. You do not need a longer stay. In addition, since the melt stitches are placed, no stitches are required.

2- No menstruation during the processing period. Because it is a surgical procedure ultimately, all measures against infection should be taken. Due to the bleeding, the hygiene of the operation area can not be fully protected.

3- Hospitalization does not require hospitalization. Labioplasty can be discharged on the same day if it is done with general anesthesia.

4- Stitches fall down within 10 days. It is enough to pay attention to the cleanliness of the toilet. Even in normal condition, toilet cleaning should be done from front to back. It is necessary to pay more attention after the labioplasty surgery.

5-Shower can be taken the same day. Sleeping in the crib is prohibited for up to 10 days. Because the clearing of the process area with running water is very handy. However, staying in the tub for too long can cause problems such as infection or late healing because it will cause excessive moisture in that area.

Hammam, pool is forbidden for 15 days. Likewise, there is a high risk of over-dampening and especially the risk of infecting places such as public baths and swimming pools.

There is not much risk of bleeding in a labioplasty operation. However, if a patient has a clotting problem, this risk may arise. The doctor should not question this issue well, and if the patient has such a complaint, he should tell the doctor. Post-operative bleeding is normal, with bleeding similar to menstrual bleeding. However, excessive amounts of blood should definitely refer to the operating doctor.

Will there be a loss of sensation after internal lip sag surgery?

A very asked question. No sense of loss in the transaction area. I prefer not to touch it if there is a change in the feel of the clitoris.

Note: Labioplasty surgery can also be done with virgins. Because while the maiden is inside the vagina, the inner lips are on the outside of the vagina. It is not a matter of hurtfulness. I am giving detailed information to the female doctor who is doing labioplasty when they come to me.
Labioplasty surgery can be done with vaginoplasty surgery.

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