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Make-up feathers according to face line


What do you think it would be possible to define your face as a good make-up? Oval, round, angular, triangular, square or long! You will apply your face shape and you will be able to close your flaws with the right make-up and reveal your beautiful sides. Be sure to apply make-up techniques that are appropriate for your face to have more meaningful expressions. The make-up suggestion we put together for you will help you with this.

Oval face

If you have an oval face, your cheeks are smoother and your jelly balances with each other. For this reason, oval facial shading, which is more advantageous than the other facial features, is less demanding. You can leave a deeper expression in your face by rubbing it from the cheekbone to the ear horizontally. Make your face look round rather than angular, making it a better choice for you. You must move your eye makeup and lipstick selection so that it does not disturb the balance in your face. In dark tones you should combine an eye makeup with a dark lipstick. If you prefer light tones in your eye makeup, you should balance your lips with a simple polisher.

Cornered face
These types of faces, with tough lines, come to the forefront with angled jaws and jagged foreheads. If you have an angled face, you should be careful to apply lighter weight to the middle of the face when you are carrying the fondue. To give your tough lines a soft look, use a light-colored fondue on a dark-colored fondue that will “illuminate the areas you want to be distinct”. You can make your facial features look soft by applying your temples correctly from your cheek, cheekbones. Take care to use the illuminator more in your eyes and in your jaw. To hide your temples and jawbone, you can put a tanning blush on these areas.

By using lipsticks in vivid colors, you can take care of your lips and ensure that your jellyfish does not sink. You must determine the point you want to emphasize on your face. If you use a darker tone in your eyes, you should prefer more natural colors on your lips. If you are wearing eye-catching lipstick, you should balance it with a simple eye makeup.

Round face
If you have a round face, try to make the chin and cheekbones clear. First, apply a fondant suitable for skin coloring, then go over a dark-colored fondue over the areas you want to hide. Crawl the skin from the cheekbone to the outside of the eye to form a triangle in the cheek pit

Since there are no predominant features on the round faces, you will reveal the area with the make-up you want to be obvious. If you have a round face; After the foundation, you should clarify your lines by using an illuminator on the underside, nose and mouth edges.


You can make your face look longer by rubbing your temples and jaws around your chin. By emphasizing your eyes and your lips, you can make your face look oval. You should definitely get a harmony between the eyes and the lips. Both must be in similar tones.

Triangular face
If you have a triangular face, you should fore your cheekbones and your chin to make a balanced look in your face and shadow your forehead.

If your jaw area is narrow and your forehead area is wide, make your forehead area look shrunk by the help of foundation. Brighten the areas you want to appear with a light color foundation. Apply the glaze over the cheek bone in a rounded shape toward the tip of the eye. If your forehead is narrow and your jaw is wide, make your forehead prominent. Make the jaw area look narrower by shading it with a dark foundation.

When applying make-up, you should apply the foundation evenly throughout your face. You can bring your eyes to the front by driving your litter powder, but the illuminator is more important than your application to the jelly. The enlightenment you apply to the jaw makes this area wider. You might be able to show your forehead a little more by running a little bronzing blush on your temples. To reveal the beauty of your cheekbones, you can color them with a peach-colored blush. You should take care to use lighter tones in your eyes, mainly the middle part of your face should draw attention.

Long face
If you have a long face shape, you should make your face look oval and short. It is possible to grab this look with the help of a liquid foundation suitable for skin coloring and a two-tone dark powder from your foundation. By using powder to foreground your cheekbones and chin, you can make your face look shorter. If you move your temples right from your jaw bones, it will reach a similar result. Especially with a particular eye makeup like “kedigözü” you can get a more oval face look. To shade your chin area, you can use 1-2 tonnes of thick fondue, horizontally, from your skin.

Heart shaped face
Since these types of faces shrink toward the jaw, what you need to do is make them look wider. You can accomplish this by applying a hunger to the jaw in a lighter tone. The cheekbones on the heart-shaped faces are obvious. Take care not to use your skin too intensely to keep your cheekbones out of the foreground. In the forehead area, it is possible to remove your attention from your side by using a darker foundation that is a few tons darker than your skin color.


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