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Oral and Dental Health in Women


Women want to demonstrate their differences at every point, what needs to be done to show the importance of oral and dental health.

What Women Need to Care for Oral Health? 

Women’s health shows differences in all physical and mental changes. Particularly during stages such as pregnancy and adolescence, oral and dental health are highly sensitive and affect each other. All hormone changes, especially drugs used in pregnancy, damage gums. If not taken into consideration, unwanted situations can be observed by going faster than your case.

The basic step for women to continue oral hygiene is to ensure hygiene. Bacteria continue directly from consumed foods and spontaneously, and when there is no reduction related to this, health will suffer from general deterioration.

However, when it comes to the most important periods for women, the interest shown in the issues such as menopause that comes to mind has to increase even more.

What are the Periods that Changed Oral Health in Women? 

Women experience much more periodic differences than men. The first is the stage of puberty, in which the whole body undergoes a change, while the mouth also undergoes major changes. Hormone changes directly affect the mouth and will cause edema in these gums when menstruation begins. When viruses start to appear, damage is inevitable if there is no protection in the gums. To prevent this, especially during adolescence, care will have an impact throughout life. It is absolutely not preferable to consume acidic and sour foods that are consumed at more sensitive times.


Excessive sensitivity has the potential to cause even greater damage by putting itself in the foreground in the event of a minor discomfort. No matter how much you protect yourself, bruises and losses in your teeth are often encountered at such times.

Dental health in women during pregnancy differs from person to person. The interruption of doctors’ checks during pregnancy will pose great risks. As each area is different physicians, you need to keep up with the information that your dentist has given here. So you have fulfilled the responsibility for your gums and teeth.

Drug use will be very effective on gums. For this reason, even if you want to use a pain medication, you should not act without consulting your doctor. Even when it comes to pills like antibiotics, it’s worth taking a cautious approach. Nearly all x-rays will be inevitable in all treatment methods. It is imperative to wear a lead apron to take precautions. Excessive nausea with pregnancy causes the teeth to be damaged. For this reason, it is necessary to immediately brush and care for the teeth after resigning. It is absolutely necessary to consult a gynecologist before putting heavy chemical substances into the body, such as anesthesia for dental health.

Any action that is to be done without consulting can push the irreversible faults. It is imperative that you obtain quality information on the oral and dental health issues that are considered and considered to be the name of women’s health.




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