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Rapid Bleeding Syndrome in Children


If your child gets bored and distracted very quickly, you need to pay close attention to these issues.

Reasons for Quick Bite of Children 

Since the first day when attention deficit and hyperactivity, which are of great importance in terms of child health, have been realized, they have to open a separate page for themselves. Not being able to concentrate for a long time in order to clarify the lack of attention can be explained as hyperactivity and long-term incontinence at any point.

Attention deficit and hyperactivity are the most common problems in childhood. 7% of the tiny ones in our society are encountered quite frequently. Although the majority of these children develop genetically, the treatment is not very difficult.

However, if there is a lack of attention in the family members of the first degree, such as close relatives, parents and siblings, transference is a very high possibility. The antenatal pregnancy periods are very critical in this regard. Especially in the most sensitive periods, the child is suffering from severe illnesses such as medicines, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and any kind of stroke. After birth, this situation is becoming more and more evident, and the genetic predisposition is going to continue until it is there. Moreover, a small impact on the brain, such as a small impact on the situation encountered, will also cause distraction.


Rapid bite and attention deficits generally begin to occur at 3 years of age. Signs such as moving a lot more than other children, not being able to hang on to what is said, and constantly navigating from place to place, Whether or not it is disease-free will be evident in kindergarten terms. A complete recognition will be evident when the level of education becomes difficult, such as not being able to focus on topics that require attention. Men are more confused than girls. In girls the distraction is more dominant, men are bored much faster. The applicants are generally boys.

How are Children Seemed Quickly Banked?

Children who talk too much will not be able to catch attention. Children with these symptoms should be more controlled. It is also the case in children who do not allow anyone to speak out and who speak very excitedly even in unnecessary matters. Children who travel on the tops of permanent seats, who shoot themselves from the floor, drifting, and are not energized are not interested in a single topic. They are among the most persistent symptoms. Everything he says is an important factor in wanting to be instantly, not shouting at a high level and not to notice his voice. Children who do not know what to expect and who are far from patience can also be included in the group.

Children who exaggerate the title of leadership that sees itself as superior to other children, who are willing to give up on every task they are struggling with and who insist on another issue, will strike. When it is spoken, it is a lucrative act if you do not like the person who speaks as if you are talking to him. One of the deepest issues of child health, attention deficit is a disease that requires treatment


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