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Smoking Losses in Pregnant Women


Many women smoke while pregnant, this is what the damage on the baby.

Effects of Pregnant Smoking on Infants 

Cigarette smoking while pregnant, which mainly causes harm to baby’s health, especially women’s health, is a kind of a direction to your children’s future life. 70% of women who are using cigarettes continue to smoke when they are pregnant. But the mothers, who will not be able to withstand the slightest burns, knowingly or unknowingly upset their baby’s health. Because the nicotine in the cigarette they have used is transferred directly to the baby from the belly of the mother. An entity that has not managed to create itself automatically starts poisoning. During pregnancy, one of the most important stages, it will be very cruel to do such an evil on your baby. It also means that the poisons that are so effective as to be able to function properly in all functions that are needed throughout life will be mixed into the blood.

All the poisons, including bitumen, nicotine and carbon monoxide, in the cigarette are first rapidly mixed with the whole body via the upper respiratory tract. As the cigarette is inhaled, every spot, especially the bronchi, is severely damaged. Even when an adult human nicotine creates excessive blockages in its veins, the damage it can give to a newborn body will be unpredictable. Almost all of the cigarette consumption during pregnancy affects the blood, which will interfere with the blood, almost completely.

Loss of Cigarette During Pregnancy


Although it is found on many bad sides, the most common issue is preterm birth. For too many cigarettes, women’s pregnancy periods lasted less than 38 weeks. The normal delivery period is 40 weeks, but smoking in pregnancy shortens this period even further. As a result of this abbreviation, the baby is ending up with enough loss of development. Values ​​such as incomplete protein, fat and carbohydrate will accompany the baby for life.

At the end of the required birth period, the risk of premature opening of the water sockets, which should be engaged, will come along with them.

Thus, the duration of birth will fall further, leading to an imbalance. Infant deaths are seen in the womb at the beginning of the biggest damages of cigarette use in pregnancy, not just the birth of the erect. Since the cigarette nicotine directly kicks and narrows the veins, infants may have blood pressure disease. This is the first case of malnutrition, which leads to malnutrition.

It will reduce the amount of milk produced during the puerperium to an excessive amount. Losing the characteristics of the mother’s nutrient, which is the only nutrient that gives enough nutritional value and a feeling of satiety, will be a big loss for the baby. Malignant substances in the cigarette poison completely destroy the pure and clean maternal cigarette, causing them to lose their qualities. One of the greatest properties in milk is that vitamins C will lose much value with nicotine. It is necessary to avoid all cigarette smoking, which is the most dangerous choice for baby health and destroys women’s health.


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